b2b lead generation service to increase your sell

The impact of business leads is incomparable. The business leads are the wheels of business. A business can only reach the desired destination once you have appropriate leads. As a business owner, do you feel the necessity of it?
I am here to provide the best Targeted B2B Lead Generation Service. I will collect your active email list for your business.

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What is b2b lead generation service?

B2B lead generation paves the path of inventing targeted customers for services or products. In the other word, B2B lead generation is the way of collecting potential customer data to generate sales. These are the foundation of business success.

The way of generating leads

Especially the guys who generate direct sales use the leads. These ways are highly effective in growing business fast. Otherwise, the company’s wheels will not run as the owner would love to continue.

Many sources are available to generate leads such as Linkedin, Crunchbase, Zoominfo, Rocketreach, etc. Look at the following process of how we collect leads –

  • Make the lists of the targeted company’s website 
  • Find out the targeted person’s data from LinkedIn
  • We filter out all data to maintain accuracy.
  • Check whether the collected emails are valid or not. 
  • Gather the social media links of the targeted company. 

The Impact of B2b lead generation Service

The impact of the B2b lead generation service is really great. Without appropriate leads, it is tough to keep pace with your competitors. The lion’s share of business owners has tended to the lead generation process to keep their business profit upward.

B2B lead generation helps you handle your business more lucrative way. It is the best way of building the strongest relationship with customers.

  • Grow Your Following
  • Expand Your Market
  • Get More Customers or Clients.
  • Improve Lead Quality
  • Boost Your Revenue.
  • Generate Business Opportunities

Does B2B lead generation services really increase sales?

Undoubtedly, B2B Lead Generation Services help you increase sales. It is one of the lucrative processes to generate sales irrespective of any business. One can communicate directly with potential customers and build relationships by collecting leads.

The success of lead generation varies. A business owner who takes data from more authentic lead-generation service providers performs well. Conversely, data that is not authentic will not work.

Many ways you can have sales by using lead generation.

  • Get into engaging conversations
  • Generate a targeted list
  • Send cold emails
  • Make warm calls
  • Use Marketing Automation

What information you will get from b2b lead generation service?

Company Name​

As an entrepreneur or business owner or sales person, you must need a company name to build a network for growing your business. We will collect the company's name and provide our clients to simplify their business process.

Company Website

A company Website is the interface of a business. From a website, one can evaluate the status of one's business. Do you ever feel the necessity of collecting company’s websites? we are ready to support you.

Contact Person

Contacting the right person is one of the best business strategies. Do you need the contact information of your desired person's? We collect the leads of your desired persons to support your business.

Business Email

The importance of business email is great to keep your business trending upward. But it takes time and effort to gather the business email of the right persons to contact; let us know to save you time and have the right business email.

Social Media

Do you want to have the social media links of the same business? The role of social media is beyond description in business. If you need to collect social media, let us know.

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Build A Targted Companies list

Build a targeted companies list.

Before collecting leads, I first gather lists of companies’ websites on the targeted topics. After checking manually, filter the websites and pick what goes according to choice.

Collect Decision Maker Details

Collecting the name and designation from the targeted websites, we input these in LinkedIn, and from there, we grab all data from their profile.

Verify Email & Others Data

After getting all the data, I do more than just send it to our client. Rather, I check whether the data are correct on not. When these are verified, I send them to our clients to avoid further hassle.


I provide b2b leads in this plan. B2c leads is not included in this plan. 

Since I have a small expert team, I will be able to build a massive email list.

Yes, I provide valid emails and accurate data.

Yes, I provide revisions If you need any.

My price is $30 for 100 leads. Please check out my Pricing and Packages to get details.

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